Mental health is one of the biggest and underestimated problems afflicting humanity today. It is a silent killer that ‘s hard to diagnose, explain or handle. The sufferer is almost condemned to a life of confusion, agony, and conflict. Worst still, the individual is often misunderstood, labeled queer and sometimes outrightly ostracized. He is then forced to withdraw and hide from family and relationships which in turn worsen the situation. It is a terrible and horrifying condition. Millions of sufferers not finding help in desperation take to the bottle and becomes alcoholics; some go into drugs and becomes addicts. A good number of individuals have survived it, while it lead a significant number of people to commit suicide while others went crazy and beyond any help.

Growing up, all was going well or so it seemed. Then in my early teen, at 12 precisely, something happened that I do not know about or whatever it was. I couldn’t understand then or had any clue, but I notice I wasn’t the same person I was years ago. I started acting odd, parents began to complain soon it was the school complaining and the kids started making fun of me, and were calling me queer, old man out and a throwing slews of taunts and insult on me. Consequently, I became withdrawn and keep to myself.

Parents panicked and started looking at how they could help me out. Going to see the doctor seem the logical thing to do so we went, and after series of checks and tests, the doctor said I was perfectly okay. We came back relieved, but there was no change. It was then that parents were advised to seek help from religious folks.

Oh well, I would say that this is where another problem started. Those religious folks would want me to go for this and that, parents were asked to buy this or do that. It became frustrating for them because the caring for me has put them under severe economic pressure. In desperation, they blame me for being responsible for my predicament and not wanting to change. Even the religious folks threaten me that I would burn in eternal fire if I wouldn’t change.

That is it, it’s over, I have had enough of this shit. Finally, I left home and went to the street. Yes, I became a derelict, and for years, I was homeless and destitute.

Help, Hope, and Recovery

Picture yourself or loved one at home again, health, fit, and all smiles.

That was not to last forever, though. One day, Mom heard someone talked about some seemingly problematic folks are suffering from mental illness that is difficult often misunderstood and diagnose. So they sought me, I had a bath, shave and reluctantly went to see a doctor. Predictably, I was declared fine. But that can’t be mom protested, I mean the kid is not fine at all, he has got some problem. Surely you can do something for him Doc, just help him, please. The doctor did help by referring us to a mental health facility.

Finally, I was diagnosed, and treatment began. I made a full recovery and assimilated back into society. Now when I looked back, I regretted seeking help and trying to get help from non-scientific source nearly condemned me to the street and a life of destitution.

I Now Think Science Only!


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DIY Strategies for Overcoming Depression

Depression and its twin evil sister anxiety are the commonest mental issue affecting millions today. For millions out there, it’s all gloom and doom, and they can’t seemingly find their way out. What is depression? Well, I assume you already know what depression means. However, I will still explain it in a simple way so that the inexperienced ones will understand.

So what is Depression? Depression is a kind of severe mood disorder that affects millions of people all over the world. Don’t get it wrong, we all have mood changes, and occasional bouts of melancholy. Depression is just not the occasional feelings of sadness that we sometimes experience. Instead, it’s a reoccurring feeling of overwhelming sadness for a long time. In fact, in depression, it’s all gloom and doom.

There is no such thing as hitting the rock bottom of sadness when you are depressed; there is always another level of hell to explore.

Sadly, though, millions of people who suffer from depression do not seek help or treatment for it, because they fear more about what others may think of them or not having the courage to face life’s change on their own. This is partly due to the fact that a lot of misconceptions about depression, like other mental health issues, still persist to this day.

So what’s the treatment, how can you recover from depression, how long does self-effective treatment takes, and it’s all worth it?. What I will point out in this article will cover common themes in effective depression and anxiety treatment, and some theories on how you can speed up the process of depression and anxiety recovery.

No Haste.

There’s a reason that suggest taking it easy and slowly when trying to treat or recover from depression. If you feel great one day, and decide just to do anything like starting a new business or make new friends and you fail, it could be a forceful setback in overcoming depression. You get the drill? Instead, we counsel that you try things out calmly, and slowly experiment with change one step at a time ( just save the leaps for when you’re feeling fully recovered!).

As you go on and starts to gain confidence, take steps into the future by trying out new skills, behavior strategies, relationships, and reward yourself for your successes. Give yourself compliments. Often, we are quick to compliment others for doing something nice, but are loathe doing so to ourselves. So pay compliments to yourself and a reward for accomplishing some goals you’ve set for yourself in your depression recovery journey.

Do take note that all journeys are not a straight line forward. There will certainly be setbacks in your journey when you are recovering from depression. Never give up no matter what, and if you focus on going it alone (that’s without seeking formal treatment), stay strong, and keep things easy.

Depression recovery is a process that will certainly take some time. However, as long as you abide with the goal of making that change, you will overcome depression with time.

Don’t forget that hope and confidence are the first things to leave when a person is depressed. But hope and confidence can be rekindled by the small successes you achieve along the way, reminding you that better times lies ahead as you begin to win the battle again depression..

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