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Mental health is one of the biggest and underestimated problems afflicting humanity today. It is a silent killer that ‘s hard to diagnose, explain or handle. The sufferer is almost condemned to a life of confusion, agony, and conflict. Worst still, the individual is often misunderstood, labeled queer and sometimes outrightly ostracized. He is then forced to withdraw and hide from family and relationships which in turn worsen the situation. It is a terrible and horrifying condition. Millions of sufferers not finding help in desperation take to the bottle and becomes alcoholics; some go into drugs and becomes addicts. A good number of individuals have survived it, while it lead a significant number of people to commit suicide while others went crazy and beyond any help.

Growing up, all was going well or so it seemed. Then in my early teen, at 12 precisely, something happened that I do not know about or whatever it was. I couldn’t understand then or had any clue, but I notice I wasn’t the same person I was years ago. I started acting odd, parents began to complain soon it was the school complaining and the kids started making fun of me, and were calling me queer, old man out and a throwing slews of taunts and insult on me. Consequently, I became withdrawn and keep to myself.

Parents panicked and started looking at how they could help me out. Going to see the doctor seem the logical thing to do so we went, and after series of checks and tests, the doctor said I was perfectly okay. We came back relieved, but there was no change. It was then that parents were advised to seek help from religious folks.

Oh well, I would say that this is where another problem started. Those religious folks would want me to go for this and that, parents were asked to buy this or do that. It became frustrating for them because the caring for me has put them under severe economic pressure. In desperation, they blame me for being responsible for my predicament and not wanting to change. Even the religious folks threaten me that I would burn in eternal fire if I wouldn’t change.

That is it, it’s over, I have had enough of this shit. Finally, I left home and went to the street. Yes, I became a derelict, and for years, I was homeless and destitute.

Help, Hope, and Recovery

Picture yourself or loved one at home again, health, fit, and all smiles.

That was not to last forever, though. One day, Mom heard someone talked about some seemingly problematic folks are suffering from mental illness that is difficult often misunderstood and diagnose. So they sought me, I had a bath, shave and reluctantly went to see a doctor. Predictably, I was declared fine. But that can’t be mom protested, I mean the kid is not fine at all, he has got some problem. Surely you can do something for him Doc, just help him, please. The doctor did help by referring us to a mental health facility.

Finally, I was diagnosed, and treatment began. I made a full recovery and assimilated back into society. Now when I looked back, I regretted seeking help and trying to get help from non-scientific source nearly condemned me to the street and a life of destitution.

I Now Think Science Only!





We are specialist in mental health consultation, and advocates of scientific based diagnosis and treatment for all mental health complaints.

DIY Strategies for Overcoming Depression

Depression and its twin evil sister anxiety are the commonest mental issue affecting millions today. For millions out there, it’s all gloom and doom, and they can’t seemingly find their way out. What is depression? Well, I assume you already know what depression means. However, I will still explain it in a simple way so that the inexperienced ones will understand.

So what is Depression? Depression is a kind of severe mood disorder that affects millions of people all over the world. Don’t get it wrong, we all have mood changes, and occasional bouts of melancholy. Depression is just not the occasional feelings of sadness that we sometimes experience. Instead, it’s a reoccurring feeling of overwhelming sadness for a long time. In fact, in depression, it’s all gloom and doom.

There is no such thing as hitting the rock bottom of sadness when you are depressed; there is always another level of hell to explore.

Sadly, though, millions of people who suffer from depression do not seek help or treatment for it, because they fear more about what others may think of them or not having the courage to face life’s change on their own. This is partly due to the fact that a lot of misconceptions about depression, like other mental health issues, still persist to this day.

So what’s the treatment, how can you recover from depression, how long does self-effective treatment takes, and it’s all worth it?. What I will point out in this article will cover common themes in effective depression and anxiety treatment, and some theories on how you can speed up the process of depression and anxiety recovery.

No Haste.

There’s a reason that suggest taking it easy and slowly when trying to treat or recover from depression. If you feel great one day, and decide just to do anything like starting a new business or make new friends and you fail, it could be a forceful setback in overcoming depression. You get the drill? Instead, we counsel that you try things out calmly, and slowly experiment with change one step at a time ( just save the leaps for when you’re feeling fully recovered!).

As you go on and starts to gain confidence, take steps into the future by trying out new skills, behavior strategies, relationships, and reward yourself for your successes. Give yourself compliments. Often, we are quick to compliment others for doing something nice, but are loathe doing so to ourselves. So pay compliments to yourself and a reward for accomplishing some goals you’ve set for yourself in your depression recovery journey.

Do take note that all journeys are not a straight line forward. There will certainly be setbacks in your journey when you are recovering from depression. Never give up no matter what, and if you focus on going it alone (that’s without seeking formal treatment), stay strong, and keep things easy.

Depression recovery is a process that will certainly take some time. However, as long as you abide with the goal of making that change, you will overcome depression with time.

Don’t forget that hope and confidence are the first things to leave when a person is depressed. But hope and confidence can be rekindled by the small successes you achieve along the way, reminding you that better times lies ahead as you begin to win the battle again depression..

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True HEPA Air Purifier: Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing

Ever gone shopping for a HEPA air purifier and noticed some product labeled as “True” HEPA? Guess you have been wondering whether the normal ones are fake, but there isn’t any HEPA product that is substandard. There are just are a number of differences with the ones labeled true HEPA air purifier. Let’s discuss what makes a True HEPA air purifier, and why other products don’t have it.

What Makes True HEPA Purifiers Different?

The True HEPA air purifier, which is also known as an absolute HEPA Purifier is quite different from the normal HEPA-type air purifier. Even if people aren’t always certain, when they are differentiating between HEPA filters and other types of air filters, particularly on the off chance that they are referencing any semblance of OSHA or the EPA, they always mention True or absolute HEPA filters.

True HEPA Filters are More Efficient When Dirty

True HEPA filters become more efficient as they get dirty, unlike the HEPA-type purifiers. When the dirt and waste particles gather up in the filters the holes get thinner preventing more dirt or air particles from getting through. Any true or absolute filter media would be more efficient as it gets dirtier. In other words the more particles entrapped within the filters the more efficient it would be.

How Can You Tell Apart a True HEPA Air Purifier?

When you go shopping for a True or absolute HEPA purifier, look for the products that actually advertises and is labeled likewise. A substitute would be the HEPA type although it’s just a copy, and does not have any certain standards. In case you choose another purifier, you can also take a look at the specifications in reference to the True HEPA air purifier, check for the ones that have at least a 97% filtration capacity or have a size of 0.3µm.




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Singapore Corporate Gifts: Improving Your Thought Process in Gift Selection


One of the strategies that has proven to be a success when it comes to building and sustaining great relationships with key stakeholders is gift giving. This is the main reason why a lot of companies select only providers that can deliver high-quality Singapore corporate gifts.

There’s a question that is usually asked in relation to corporate gift giving. Is it some form of bribe? While some people would interpret it as such, it is essential to get the timing right when giving a gift in the corporate world. It is important that the gift is given for the right reasons, at the right time, and in the right occasion. You also need to avoid gifts that are too extravagant. Indeed, with any type of gift giving, the thought is the most important thing.

Still, it is not helpful to lay emphasis on the gift quantity rather than the quality, neither is it enough to just give something. This way, the client ends up with a gift they would rather not use.

Custom-made corporate gifts, rather than generic ones, is the only way to make the recipient feel valued. The fact that gifts are personalized does not entail that they should be personal gift items, as these types of gifts are more suited to family members and close friends. Practical gifts are the way to go, especially things that are useful for everyday workplace life such as calendars, pens, and memo pads.

Making freebie stuff with your brand and logo on them is also a good way of doing free promotion. One major rule to this type of gift giving is to give a gift that lasts. Upscale retailers of Singapore corporate gifts can make high-quality gifts available to you. Just make sure it’s a company that offers an extensive range of custom-made and unique printed corporate gifts. You can always go through their online catalogue for assistance with kicking off your selection process.





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Spy Apps – The Science of Remotely Spying on a Cell Phone


One of the newest technological inventions that have come about most recently is spy apps. It is now possible to spy on a cell phone remotely by making use of these apps. Even though it was quite impossible before, almost everything can now be achieved by simply swiping on a cell phone screen. There are various kinds of spy apps for different phones along with an installation process that needs to be carried out to enable monitoring.


Installation Fundamentals

A spy app will only function if it has been installed successfully. The usual way of doing this is to download the app and then install it directly on a target phone. The spy app company will require some details that have to be filled in correctly before the monitoring can work successfully. Some devices such as Apple phones will need to be jailbroken before their system can be bypassed.

Alternatively, spying on a cell phone without software installation is possible depending on the type of software you decide to install. With these types of software, installation needs to be carried out on your phone and not the target device. This option is feasible for when you don’t have access to the target phone.

Downloading through email is also another option that can be considered for installation. An email with an attachment is sent to the owner of the target mobile device. They need to download this attachment onto their phone, and once this is done, monitoring commences without the target device owner having any knowledge of it.


Free or Paid?

Through the use of test trials, you can spy on a cell phone for free. This is an ideal option for those who want to try out spy apps to get a feel of how monitoring takes place. The paid option, however, is able to take full advantage of tracking to its highest potential.



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SEO Kassel – considerations for a successful SEO campaign in Germany


Adopting an SEO strategy aimed at dealing with diverse demographics can be complicated. The situation gets even more difficult if those demographics are dispersed across various regions because in addition to considering at user behavior, you’re also looking at diverse ranking signals that must be sent. Here’s exploring some of the major considerations that all SEO Kassel professionals and business owners need to take in the course of trying to gain some leverage in Germany.


Out of Office

Getting hold of an individual you need to have discussions with can be a lengthy process if they are based in Germany. There are 30 days paid leave on the average and 8 to 14 bank holidays in one year (depending on the region). So it’s fair to say that they’ll probably be away from the office during these periods.


Nouns in the German Grammar

In the German grammar, when two nouns meet, they become one. The same thing happens with three nouns. So, you can imagine what doing PPC in German is like where you essentially use 25 characters for a headline and the description lines one and two take 35 characters.


Not Just Germany

When you’re an SEO Kassel in a German speaking market then you have to ask yourself one vital question, and that is, what is your target market? When working in Switzerland and Austria, we need to consider some country-specific elements.

For instance in Austria, it is vital to address people using their titles, e.g. “Magister” (for a Master degree holder) or “Dr.” So it’s important to be formal in Austria.

The letter “ß” (same as double ss), in Switzerland has been banned. This is something you need to be careful about when doing PPC or keyword research. Apart from these considerations, there are also reginal terms to consider. While the official language is German, there’s been a lot of development over time and it’s possible that some (key)words will not be as before.



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Plans for Overcoming Depression – Benefits of the Best Convection Oven


We’ve all had the desire for an oven at one time or the other, but think about a new type of oven with the capacity to decrease your cooking temperature by 30% and cooking time by 25%, while still saving you money and space. This is where the best convection oven comes out tops. Besides, as one appliance, it has enough versatility to warm, cook, roast, bake, and re-thermalize. If you’re definitely planning to get a convection oven to keep your kitchen cooler and ease the stress in your life then you need to check out the features that will assist you to work out the one that is the ideal choice for you.


Convenience – If you want the ease of a standard convection oven but with less bulk, you would need to go for a countertop convection oven. Also, they are the perfect devices for off-site catering events and refreshment stand operations.


Heating That Is More Even – The convection oven has three heating elements, along the bottom, top, and rear. The heated air is forced to circulate by the fan, so irrespective of the position of the food inside the oven, it will get a uniform level of heat.


Faster Cooking – Your cooking time will be sped up by a convection oven. In reality, the results that you get will be similar to that of a traditional oven but at a 25˚ lower setting compared to what you would have used. This makes for huge energy costs savings and a reduction in the total time required to make a meal.


Preserving The Moisture in Meats – Due to the way the best convection oven works, the moisture in thicker slices of meat can be retained. The continuous stream of heated air blows across the food’s surface to give you a fine outer crust while retaining internal moisture.



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Mental Health and Communication – Setting Up a Status for WhatsApp


There’s a high likelihood that you already have a messaging app installed on your smartphone if you’re using one. Messaging apps have essentially taken over from text messaging and are a favorite of internet users, simply because they are free to use with an internet connection. Due to being able to setup a status for WhatsApp, it has assumed the position of being of the today’s most popular messaging apps. WhatsApp is not only for the teenagers, its use cuts across to anyone in search of a free tool through which to bond with friends and loved ones all over the world.


WhatsApp Can Take Over From SMS

WhatsApp is a fantastic app for communicating with friends due to the fact that messages are sent and received in real time. Delays, as you would normally experience with the regular SMS and other messaging apps, don’t occur. Apart from instant messaging, WhatsApp also provides other services such as free video and voice call features. However, it’s still the favorite chat service for a lot of people.


How WhatsApp Differs From Other Messaging Apps

If you’re using other mobile chat services like WeChat, Viber, or Apple iMessage alongside WhatsApp, you would have easily noticed that there are a couple of differences. Being able to set a status in WhatsApp is one of those differences. While some users are happy about this, others are debating the benefits of being able to create a status for WhatsApp.


Still a Favorite Messaging App

In spite of the fact that some users have an issue with setting a status for WhatsApp, it still is the world’s favorite messaging app. Coupled with features that enable you set up a group and have a group chat, record voice messages, as well as share videos, photos, and locations with friends, it remains a relatively simple app to use. And when it comes to chatting with other people on different operating systems, it’s a favorite for everybody.


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Good Music Is Great For Your Mental Health – Record Player Budgets


The acceptance of vinyl recordings and the record player was highest in the 1960s, but these days, they are going through a comeback phase with some particular music fans. During the early periods of hip-hop, dance club disc jockeys wanted to ensure that people were dancing to the best bits of various songs, so they resorted to the use of multiple turntables to mix music right there and then. In a process known as turntablism, they cut between two records, while starting and stopping the music and moving the needle against the record to generate a scratching sound that was rhythmic. A lot of people consider this to be an art on the same level with playing an instrument.


After donkey years of being taken over by CDs, cassettes, Spotify, MP3s, Minidiscs, and various other types of musical setups, Vinyl is still going strong, and it looks like the solid nature and rich sound of an album cut onto a serving dish that is essentially the size of a dining plate will always remain strong. Therefore, while collecting records has regained most of its popularity, a lot of emphases is being shifted to the perfect place for playing those brand new record purchases.


The price of a record player (also known as deck or turntable) can go from less than $100 to a couple of thousands. If you’re going for a system that sells for under $100, you could be getting yourself a great-looking piece that has speakers built in. However, these types are usually more fragile with a lightweight feel, also, they produce sounds of lesser quality.


The mid-range of between $250 and $500 throws up some great options that feel, sound, and look fantastic, with the only drawback being that you would require a separate amp with speakers to plug these into. When you get to the higher end, however, you’d be spending a fortune, literally, on a masterpiece with perfect sound quality.





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Mental and Sexual Health Issues – Crystal X Side Effects


Vaginal discharge and vaginal odor, which is often characterized by a fishy smell is usually as a result of bacterial vaginosis, also known as BV. For vaginal odor, try Crystal X Vagina Herbal Stick and get professional advice if you think you may have or if you have a vaginal bacterial infection.

Bacterial vaginosis is a vaginal infection that occurs as a result of an imbalance in bacteria usually present in the vagina, especially when there’s a lack of the naturally occurring lactobacilli with the normal lactobacillus species occurring in the vagina becoming replaced by high proportions of other bacteria such as Mycoplasma hominis and Gardnerella vaginalis.

The reasons why this bacterial imbalance occur is properly understood. Women who douche frequently or those with illnesses lowering the vagina’s normal amount of lactobacilli usually suffer from bacterial vaginosis. Circumstances such as chemical irritants in douches, use of feminine hygiene products, or use of antibiotics all lower lactobacilli.

Using Crystal X does not produce any side effects, due to the fact that it does not influence the central nervous system’s performance in any way. However, there are certain sensations you would need to pay attention to when using the Vagina Herbal Stick such as;

  • Some users will experience a bit of vaginal sore. This condition is actually due to the adjustment of the pH state.
  • After 1 to 2 days of usage, all of the vaginal liquid may come out, then the vagina will dry up and start producing some mucus-like white tissue, this is actually a reaction to the start of the cleaning process and not a side effect.


How to Store Crystal X

  1. Store well in a place that is dry and well-ventilated, and away from sunlight.
  2. This product is breakable, so it should not be dropped.
  3. The product is made hygienically and individually. And because it is not mass produced, it comes in slightly varying shapes. It can be used repeatedly for 1 year after the first application.




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Exercise for Physical and Mental Health – Schwinn 270 Recumbent bike and Upright Exercise Bikes


For quite a long time in most gyms, the upright bike has been the main exercise bike while the recumbent bikes such as the Schwinn 270 recumbent bike have only recently stepped onto the scene as an interesting choice. Both kinds of bikes have their cons and pros, and in an ideal world getting both bikes would have been perfect, but a lot of people cannot afford to do that. Let’s take a look at both types of bikes.


Upright Exercise Bikes

Despite the fact that these bikes have been a favorite for a long time, liking them more couldn’t have been easier with the newer models coming fitted with new and innovative features which improve your workout hugely. However, before you decide on an upright bike for your use, you need to consider a few things that are not directly upright-bike-related.

Upright bikes have an edge over recumbent bikes in one area; price. They are usually not as expensive, so if you’re on a budget that’s already spread thin, there’s still a chance to grab yourself some quality workout. Moreover, upright bikes do not take up as much space, and it’s normally possible to fold and put them away for future use.


Recumbent Bikes

If you belong to the class of people who love comfort during workout sessions, regardless of whether it’s a short or long session, you will totally love the recumbent bike. There’s exceptional back support courtesy of the chair-like seat, and the fact that your body is in a reclined state guarantees that you won’t be feeling any strain.

There are other sources of comfort apart from the seat, however. In contrast to upright bikes where you hold onto the handles, bent forward, your exercises on the Schwinn 270 recumbent bike are completely hands-free. This way you’re free to play a favorite game, watch TV, or read a book.


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Avoid Stress and Depression by Choosing the Best Bus Injury Attorneys in New York City


One basic ingredient for prosecuting a case successfully is that the victim’s family or loved one should enlist the services of expert bus injury attorneys in New York City who possess an intimate knowledge of the rules and laws regarding buses. Furthermore, wide-ranging knowledge of standards such as the FMVS – Federal Motor Vehicle Standards, Smith Method of Driving, along with the internal Rules and Regulations of every one of the bus companies is important. The bus company disciplinary processes for drivers, as well as the standards used in the admission of reports by the different public safety boards, are also unique.

Each year, thousands of people sustain injuries or are killed in bus accidents. Sadly a huge amount of these accidents is due to careless bus drivers and their employers. These accidents are usually outcomes of poor driving, such as failing to the give other vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists the right of way, along with other abuses of the laws applicable to traffic and vehicles. Sometimes accidents are also a result of the failure to properly equip and/or maintain the buses in a company’s fleet.

Bus accident injuries are usually tragic, as there is no airbag protection for passengers and seat belts are rarely used. Collisions with other vehicles or bus rollovers can lead to a loss of dozens of lives within a few moments, or survivors that have to cope with injuries that are life threatening. Injuries such as head trauma, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), whiplash, and severe burns are a few of the common injuries associated with bus accidents.

Survivors of bus accidents usually have an uphill task as they try to heal, attempt to get back to work, and cope with medical expenses all at the same time. Injuries due to bus accidents have the capacity to destabilize your enjoyment of life and weaken your financial security, and this is why it’s essential to enlist the services of professional bus injury attorneys in New York City.





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Anonymous Server – How to become a great Anonymous Website Hosting Provider


If you seriously want to be reckoned with as a prodigious provider of anonymous website hosting, then you need to keep one thing in the back of your mind always; the privacy of your customers through your anonymous server.

Definitely, you would never have the intention reveal any information, but the slightest mistake in preserving 100% privacy can turn out to be a disaster for your clients, and they are not, in the least, going to be pleased by your mistakes. Let’s just say this is as bad as when someone click-jacks an internet banking password from a banking website, leaving the customer completely susceptible to fraud.

Indeed, the decision to take personally identifiable details from customers is a crucial one, because if you refuse to take such information from the client, you could find yourself in very deep trouble if the customer gets involved in cybercrime, or a gambling/porn website fomenting trouble or something far worse like a computer hacking group operating through your web server.

Evidently, there’s a huge demand for private and anonymous domain hosting and registration these days. Most users on the internet now prefer to browse through an anonymous server to stop their keystrokes or any other information that’s personally identifying from being recorded by phishing sites. Most of the big domain registration companies provide anonymous domain registration with a majority of their clients not minding to pay a few extra dollars for the service.

In fact, there are deals that offer you free anonymous domain registration when you purchase more than five domains at once, proving that there is a huge demand for these services. So, if you believe you have what it takes to be sustainable in the anonymous website hosting market, then go for it. You won’t have to worry about not getting enough clients.



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Detailed Vacuum Sealer Reviews to Check for Vacuum Sealer Uses


One area of discussion constantly happening in both modern commercial and home kitchens across the globe is the dilemma generated by the question as to which vacuum sealer is the best. However, going through detailed vacuum sealer reviews to check a couple of the finest vacuum sealers that can be used for cooking sous-vide, sealing and saving food, and other household uses, can be valuable.

Obviously, there are various uses to which these sealers can be put, and this implies that everyone is looking for something different from their sealer. On the whole, what people are after is a product that can handle all (or some) of the following;

Seal fish and meat bought in bulk from wholesale clubs, butchers, and naturally from fishing or hunting trips.

Cooking Sous-vide. The best vacuum sealer that can handle sous vide is an immensely important tool for a lot of people with the increasing popularity of this cooking method resulting from its convenience, ease, and amazing results.

Marinating. It’s possible that you’ve never thought about this, but vacuum sealers are hugely popular for marinating. They provide a tight seal by sucking out the air allowing food to become marinated faster. The fact that this can be done in advance of a BBQ or another type of meal and left in the freezer or fridge also makes them a favorite of many people.

Sealing and resealing meals or ingredients in readiness for freezing or refrigeration is a major use of vacuum sealers. You can seal individual portions or leftovers. You can also reseal bagged foods like cereals and chips that you purchased from the store.

There is no model of vacuum sealer that is the standard ‘best’, what you get is the best to meet your own requirements which will usually vary from one individual to another, and from one home to another. Detailed vacuum sealer reviews to check gives you more information in your mission know more about vacuum sealers.




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